Workshops with Cairo Rocha

Healing principles and techniques designed to foster a greater understanding of emotional, mental and physical health.
Cairo is available to present workshops or speak to groups on the following topics:

I. Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine

A new and practical understanding of Chinese and Japanese philosophies applied to medicine. This workshop promotes the concept of energy as a powerful healing tool.

1      The polarities Yin & Yang
2      The dynamics of Chi
3      The Meridians
4      The Theory of the Five Elements
5      The Chinese Clock

II. Colour Therapy and Chinese Medicine

Healing through colours was extensively performed in the temples of ancient Egypt, India, China, and Greece. This seminar teaches you how to use the energy of colours to promote health, peace and harmony.

1      The concept of colours as radiation and vibration
2      Colours according to Chinese Medicine
3      Colours in the treatment of physical and emotional imbalances
4      Practical and easy therapy tools
5      Colours and diet


III. Food Therapy in Chinese Medicine

    The ancient Chinese regarded food and nutrition as their primary medicine. The harmonious blend of flavours was considered to be the ‘golden key’ to health and longevity. This seminar demonstrates the effect that foods have on our physical, mental and emotional bodies.

1      Food as energy
2      Foods and their effect on our health
3      Flavours, movement and temperature
4      Diet as a means of preventing and treating disease

IV. Sounds in Chinese Medicine

An ancient Chinese self-healing technique originally known only to Taoist masters. You will learn easy and practical exercises to transform stress into vitality, detoxify and fortify the organism, and restore health.

1      Sounds in Traditional Chinese Medicine
2      Sounds and their effect on us
3      Specific vibrations for physical and emotional disorders
4      Sound frequencies for stress and anxiety



V. The Theory of Five Elements in Your Daily Life

The ancient theory of Five Elements is a very profound and complete healing system that can be applied in all aspects of your life.

V1. Anger Goes Up, Fear Goes Down -
Emotions and the Hidden Link

This workshop exposes participants to ancient healing principles and techniques which are, for the most part, only understood and utilised at present by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapists. In a clear and compelling manner, it outlines the Foundations of TCM and the link between our bodies, minds and emotions.

You will learn in detail how our biological mechanisms deal with specific feelings, and how they affect one or more of our internal organs. The presentation offers simple yet powerful tools that can help you detect early signs of disease and vastly improve your health and overall sense of wellbeing. 

1      The foundations of Chinese Medicine: Chi, Yin and Yang, the Five Elements
2      The Hidden Link
3      Causes of disease
4      The emotions: fear, anger, worry, sadness, joy, anxiety, depression
5      Ancient therapies to heal the mind, body and emotions
6     Guided imagery and self-hypnosis


VI. Feng Shui Course

    Feng Shui can best be understood as the art of creating harmonious surroundings, which brings about happiness, prosperity and good health.

As with most aspects of Chinese philosophy, it is based on common sense – and, most importantly, a ‘feeling’: a subtle force inside of us that makes us choose to live in a certain part of the world, a specific area of town, a certain house or room, and even what clothes to wear.

                  This course is taught in four independent modules:

 a. The Form School

          This focuses predominantly on the contours of physical landscapes -- their shapes, sizes and watercourses -- and the relationship between physical formations and a dwelling.

1      The energy of forms
2      The Five Celestial Animals
3      Locations: homes and offices
4      Colours and shapes


b. The Compass School

This is the oldest approach to Feng Shui.

1      The Pa Kua and the Eight Aspirations
2      The Magic Square
3      The Compass and its applications
4     The Four Best and Worst Directions


c. The Black Hat Sect

  The most popular Feng Shui school in the USA. It sees the entrance door to a dwelling as the main reference point from which to determine directions and aspirations.

1      The eight sectors
2      The cures or adjustments
3      Space clearing
4      Blessings


d. Feng Shui and Health

  Health is a result of many factors, including genetics, diet, stress, allergies and environmental conditions. In Feng Shui, we acknowledge all of these different components, but we also believe that the shape and layout of our house, and the positioning of our furniture and other belongings, can trigger or exacerbate certain physical and mental conditions.

1      The Bagua and our body
2      Specific health concerns
3      Remedies
4      The Three Pillars

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